Thursday, 12 April 2012

Is It Always Wrong to Judge?

Recently, i found something very interesting on my youtube channel. About a couple of months ago, i've shared a clip from a channel that i subscribed, which is adibaaah's channel. The entry about his own opinion on the trend of "Hijab and Fashion" got many views on youtube and had been spread on many social networks. The clip draws attention a lot of people including Wardina Safiyyah who thought that what was she talked about is brilliant and its something to be proud rather than anyone who posted their singing videos on youtube.

The latest video(by now) that she uploaded on youtube is about being judgemental. I've listed some good points or massages that she trying to convey in this clip.

1.Don't be too quick on judging people where you instantly jump to conclusion that may may lead to something bad.

2.Don't compare between one people to another, we all muslim and should not compare each other because a good muslim is based on their faith,and faith is only between you and Allah alone.

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3.Being a person, we would never be perfect in anyway because we make mistake and its something wrong when we make fun of other person.

4.Being judgemental can seperate people. When we judge someone, we would think that we are slightly better than them and there will be a slight feeling of arrogant inside us.

5.When you think that you slightly better than someone, thats totally make you worst, Being a person or muslim we suppose to be humble!

6.Don't judge people, Regardless of who they are and what they've done.

7.We dont have the right to judge and hate people.

8.We can go against the action they are doing but not the person!

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  1. judgemental could be some kind of disease. it started with prejudice and could end with discrimination. that's why jumping to conclusion and making hasty generalization is unfavourable. but lots of people are still doing that. we must change our attitude, that's the only key to prevent the constant judgemental behaviour.


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